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Hi, it's great to get acquainted!


My name is Dave Laufer, corresponding with life and the age of 60. 

In my sixty years, I have been a fighter pilot, businessman, entrepreneur, CEO, chairman of public and private companies, board director in bank subsidiaries, chairman, and volunteer in NGO's.

Some years ago, I unconsciously decided to seek who I am and what I have to contribute to this world.

I quit 

most of the activities that defined me and embarked on a 5-year journey. 

I journeyed

to India, Peru, the high-tech world, making money and spending it, endurance sports, the shores of my consciousness, and to the nature of the human mind.

I agreed to experience

-The pain of low self-esteem, who am I without titles and money?.

-The calm of genuine self-esteem, not dependant on exterior circumstances.

-The fear of walking the unbeaten path without a "5-year plan" while my financial resources dwindled.

-The freedom of accepting that I am not perfect and do not need to be perfect allowing me to dare and exit my comfort zone.

-True abundance viewed not only through the narrow lens of money. 

This journey led me to study, understand, and drive innovation, both for myself and others. Anyone can, all it takes is someone who already made the journey and will be there by your side. Who has experienced the ups and downs and knows it's "worth it."

And so I found a true passion

Supporting human innovation- a hidden passion that was always there!


What am I doing today?

I continue my journey to innovate and engage in human innovation for myself and others, but the truth is, what I do is less important, What matters is:

What do you want to do? And do you want me to be there for you?


Major decision process: perspective-changing

Mentoring: Life-business-management

Innovation: personal & organizational


Hello, nice to meet you

My name is Dalit Laufer, I am 58, I am a woman, a spouse, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a companion, a healer, a spiritual teacher, and a student.

I was educated through formal studies and especially thru life lessons. Achieved a B.A degree in economics and an MBA majoring in finance, I studied innovation entrepreneurship at Singularity University. I studied Coaching and recently completed training as a senior therapist in Ecotherapy, an art-based and guided imagery group facilitator.

I was a V.P of a successful American brokerage firm, a partner in a family business for financial and organizational consulting. Social activist, CEO of an NGO, and participated in local and national politics.
I succeeded by all the accepted social parameters, but I was not satisfied and happy.
I sought to reach inner peace, happiness, and unconditional love.
I quit most of the activities that defined me and began a journey.

I journeyed to an ashram in India, to the nature in Peru, served as an auxiliary worker in Tel Hashomer hospital hospice, to learn about the forces of nature, to study the connection between body and soul, to a profound contemplation of life and death, a connection and understanding of natural healing. Above all, I began to listen to my heart. I chose to live a new life.

 I chose a simple life: a connection to the earth, growing vegetables and fruit trees, healthy cooking, daily practice of yoga, breathing, and meditation, walks in nature.

I chose a new companionship with Dave sensitive to the different needs and changing rhythm.

I chose to be an attentive and allowing mother.
I chose attentiveness in all my relationships with nature, world, and people, understanding that healing happens within the relationships.


That's how I connected with my true passion.

 To be a companion, a healer and a spiritual guide, a passion that always existed with in me.

To spread light, joy and love


I invite you to join me.

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Dalit Laufer

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